Love is Love!Don’t be Blinded by Society.

Love is Love.

Love is Love,
Please don’t differentiate.
It is pure,
Not something to hate.

They can love a girl,a boy, or both,
And wish not to be discriminated hence forth.
You may not understand them well,
And they may only wish to escape this hell.

You impose your views,
Strong as an ox.
Not known to you,
You force them in a box.

Society – Power and Strength,
A fatal thing.
You force them away,
As if they are nothing.

They hide away,
To escape your eye,
And hateful remarks,
Because they just want to get by.

Be thankful to God,
For humans in this world.
Thank God for Boys,
Thank God for Girls.

They can wear anything,
From pants to a tutu,
No matter their gender,
Your reaction is upto you.

When they are proud of what they’ve become,
Who are you to drag them to the ground?
Let boys be girls,and girls be men.
Let them be them.

Yes,they are different,
But there’s nothing wrong,
You can throw a fit,maybe one or two,
But just be proud that they came out to you.

-Sia Savla

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