The talk of the town:COVID-19!

This is it.

The world is dying.
Doctors and scientists are trying.
We all are trapped,
With no escape.
Just waiting to be saved,
By some hero with or without a cape.
Everyone’s praying for it to end,
Hoping to soon meet their dear friend.
People are coming forward to help and provide,
We are a team that no one can divide.

We all are panicking,not actually sure what it is,or what is happening.
Yes, the world is worried. And rightly so. But also, wrongly. Some smart people are saying “Don’t panic”. I am saying, “Panic. Panic. Make others panic. Stay panic-ked till this blows over”. We all know it’s not going to ‘blow over’! The entire world, in fact. But let’s look at this with a clear objective view.
COVID -19 is a disease that spreads primarily through contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze. It also spreads when a person touches a surface or object with the virus on it ,and then goes ahead and touches their eyes,mouth,or nose.

So, is this Contagious?
It’s contagious – because you need to come into contact with the virus-carrying mechanism – largely the droplets of an infected sneeze or some such. So that’s the snotty part out of the way. The trouble is, is it out of the way? The ‘contagion’ is very easily spread. Imagine our hygiene habits. Sneezing. Coughing. Spitting. Yes. That too. Limiting contagion is the only way this spirit can be halted in his world tour.  However,majority of us do not understand that what we need is social distancing,and not social gatherings. For example, on 22nd of March,our Prime Minister said to stay in our houses and clap from our WINDOWS,TERRACE,OR BALCONY, but yet we see a few groups meeting up playing drums,and dancing. Who were they appreciating then?
So… panic!

Now ,I am not a doctor. Nor do I profess to be. I am closer to being a self proclaimed idiot . So, in that capacity, I’d like to bust some myths surrounding this fellow and what we really should be worried about. Oh, oh I forget,for all those people who are extremely panicky, I will give you foolproof advice on battling this dreaded teenager. How is he a teenager you ask! How is it a he you ask!
So, let’s start getting to know COVID-19.The name gives him away. I am presuming it’s him largely because his ability to dominate the news right now, is very much like other males we know. Then there’s 19 in his name. OMG! A teenager. And you expect him to listen,to not create trouble, to stay put, to hunker down and not travel! You will argue, it could also be 19 as in born 2019 which is so silly! It’s like the Gen Z putting their birth year in their instagram usernames, Jake_1999 or Helen1989! I’m taking COVID-19 to the teenage section immediately! Teenager he is!

We have seen over cautious people act worse than germophobes in these times. Use sanitizer,wash your hands,use sanitizer again,etc.
WHO says soap and water is good enough. There’s a requirement though. Even with soap and water you HAVE to wash your hands. Frequently. Very very often.Sanitisers are cool. But soaps are good enough. And yes, soaps and sanitisers are useless if you don’t wash your hands often enough. I’d suggest you have a hand-washing fest out of sheer panic and spread it around.

This situation is rather ironic, usually parents tell us to go outside and play, but now they tell us not to go. Just yesterday, I saw on the COVID-19 site, there was a rise of 44 cases in just an hour, and then my cousin and I were the ones warning our Grandparents not to step a foot outside the house. It felt weird being in their shoes,even if it was for literally a second.
It is time to panic. This is indeed inside stuff.

From my limited medical knowledge to the understanding of COVID-19 and his lust for creating trouble, here is a foolproof way of dealing with this pandemic. 

A three-step process. 
1 Freak out.
2 Use excess of soap and sanitizers .

-Sia Savla.

A Quarantine Night

A Moonlit Night.

It’s a pretty night. The town is asleep,and so is the worry.
Even if it’s going to be a hard dawn,its a peaceful night. Let this silence stay,let the hope bloom;in this moonlit sky,let us bid Adieu to doom.

Hope for the night to be long,to forget this current time of sickness. Be thankful to the Lord and don’t despise him,he just made sure to return a little more nature to us,inspite of our horrendous actions.

In this lockdown,in this quarantine,hold your family close,spend time with them,give them the attention you couldn’t in your busy schedule.
Remember all of this,as it’s a pretty night.

We’ve heard rumors that Covid-19 is air borne,sexual transmitted, it develops in 2 hours to 1 day, it dies if you keep using sanitizers; and now we are in such deep confusion. We have complained that this virus has destroyed our plans, spoilt our mood, made our vacation shorter, etc., however, we should have nothing to complain about.

Just think from the point of view of Mother Nature, we have degraded her,rendered her useless, used up all her resources, polluted her,torn her apart,she has tolerated all of this ,she kept us protected, she never complained, and now that she has executed what some may call revenge,but it was her way to renew herself. Now that this virus has spread, and we are under lock down, there is less pollution,less smog,more beauty,and more purety.

Gentle and cooling air,fresh air, purified air…the words are less to describe the air now. The nature has a self renewal plan, when things are at its worst,it finds a way to renew itself,and make it better. This lock down has not only made us closer to family and friends,but also brought us closer to the realisation that after all everything is in the hands of the Lord.

Shining stars,and lit moon, calming darkness and reflected souls. What a pretty night it is! With nothing else to do,we Netflix and chill , but instead let’s bring back those old memories. Board games,card games,family challenges, fitness regimes, exploring nature from home.

This Quarantine let’s tick all of these off the list.
All over the world,people are being quarantined and are being compelled to practice social distancing. We are trying desperately to remain sane in a world that seems to be bordering on the insane. So the time is perfect for us to ponder,reflect,meditate,and discover the world within our own minds.
Admire yourself, admire nature, for it is a pretty night.

– Sia Savla.

Memories- Our treasure?

Our only reminders of the past.

Our mind is like an encyclopedia, it has all the knowledge like memories stored in it. Memories encapsulate all of life’s experiences and moments. While we may wish to edit or erase few memories, we can’t change the past,and these memories will always be proof of the happenings. They are the only paradise from which we can’t be expelled.
Stored in the subconscious, they are contrary things;if you quit chasing them,they return on their own. We all are like werewolves, they have an inner wolf to control,and we have our own inner demons to control. We all need these memories,to keep the wolf of insignificance from the door. These memories are what keeps our racing mind at bay, what overcomes our hate,fear,and anger. Memories are the good in bad. In one way they can heal you, warm your insides with love, in another they can tear you apart,create anger,and hatred with thoughts of betrayal.
They are a constant reminder of what you once had,what you were,and because of what or whom you were that person. Depending on whom you ask ,the memories are a boon or bane. If you ask a person with amnesia, it is a boon;They long for those memories that make them the person they are supposed to be, to tell them who to trust,to let them know what all they have done. If you ask a Mother who is grieving for her dead child, the memories are a bane;they are a constant reminder of what she doesn’t have, a constant reminder of the loss of her precious child. To have memories of those you had loved and now lost is more painful and perhaps harder than to have no memories at all.
Memories, even your most precious ones fade away quickly, but in the times of desperate need ,they resurface again. They are like antiques, the older they are the more valuable they become. Moreover, if you have noticed, the worst memories stick with us forever, while the nice ones that make us ecstatic ,quickly slip through our fingers. The worst one just doesn’t threaten to tear you apart over and over but also becomes our Base, to remind us to be strong,and help overcome other horrible experiences. Our memories give us a voice,and bear witness to history,so that other may learn. They are there so that others might celebrate our triumphs and be warned of our families. The memories of the spirit linger and sweeten long after memories of the brain have faded.
Cherish all the memories you have, because these beautiful things,good or bad,are only yours ,they belong to you no matter what. They are like bullets that whiz by and spook you,maybe tear you apart. However, they are the treasures that we lock deep inside us ,to keep our hearts warm and hopes high when we are lonely. Remember when memories turn into dreams, we have back me old, hence they maybe the last reminders of your life and you as a person.

– Sia Savla.


Death is but the next adventure.

Death- not a very common topic to talk about.
In our fumbling and mumblings,when we do talk about it,or listen to someone speak about it,we often tend to not be overly serious about it or the person speaking about it. We speak about death,as a quite often happening in life,in fact we also have a quote, “In the midst of life we are in death.”
But have you ever wondered that in the midst of death there is life? By that I mean the knowledge, value,and experience we get when we face a near death situation. Perhaps we may fully value and embrace those in our lives,or even our own lives for that matter. We need to accept and embrace the notion that death is inevitable, and that we are surrounded by death 24*7 . It may be the death of bacteria,to the death of a loved one. No matter how much we try and escape it,the Grim Reaper,is going to catch up to us one day. They say you have to write your own destiny,however even if you make your own destiny ,you can’t choose when you will die. Your death is mandatory, inevitable, and the only thing that may bring in world balance for HIM.
There are three challenges we face to accept death as a fact – firstly the attitude towards our own death, secondly the feeling to cope up with the death of a loved one,and thirdly the constant thought of how to escape death. I use the word ‘obviously ‘ in awareness of this event,however, it is obvious only on a superficial level.
When we consider our own death,we only think of it as an intellectual fact,and not something that is going to happen to us at any time. Few of us,have had a near death experience, or prognosis from a life threatening situation,and sometimes not even then can we accept the fact that we are going to die. Even now in the times of the Corona Virus,our first thoughts were it is in China, it won’t happen to us, or any one close to us.However now that it is in our country,in our city,we try, do all that is possible to escape it. It is understandable though, after all most of us,most of the time want to be alive than dead. We have no idea what death is like, what it is like after death, what happens after death or where we go after death. And naturally,what we are not aware of ,what we do not know, we fear.
In many ways more poignantly, our attitude towards the death of our loved ones is disturbing. Again understandably, we love them ,and want them alive for their sake and ours. We have often heard people say,or we ourselves say, ” I don’t know what I’d do if anything happens to my parents/siblings/children….”
If it is death that we are talking about,then here is no if or but, there is only ‘when’. We never hear someone say,” When my mother/father/lover dies…” We make sure to even keep away the intellectual thought of our loved ones dying.
But nevertheless, as distressingly painful as thoughts of death can be, I remain it’s advocate. In the world where we live: poverty,hunger,insanity,abuse,domination,discrimination,suicide,oppression, rape,trafficking and murder: is pretty common. These will always lead to death.
Surrounded by these happenings,we should always keep in mind,that it can always be us,our loved one,or someone we know. Therefore instead of ignoring the fact that death exists,that it is inevitable, and that the Grim Reaper will catch up to us anytime, we should be prepared, embrace and value our life and family fully,and always remember not to fear death, for Death is just another great adventure.

Life is a copiously branching bush,continuously pruned by the Grim Reaper of extinction,not a ladder of predictable progress; Death is not extinguishing the light;but putting out the lamp,because the dawn has come?

– Sia Savla.

Faith in God

He has all of land and space in his hands.

Have you ever wondered,
If God was real?
If that entity existed,
To whom we kneel?

No one has seen God,
No one really knows,
With disasters and tragedies,
The doubt only grows.

There is no spirit,
There is no soul,
There is no heaven,
Only death in a hole.

But can’t you see the proof all around,
The Earth teams with life,
We were not the result,
Of chaos running rife.

Who is God you ask!
He is God,
The one without a friend,
Alone in his purity,
World without end.

Now in times of pain and sadness,
You look at the sky with hurt,
And go to blame him for a virus.
What if to clean the dirt,
Created by human ,this was his only way?

Scientists don’t believe in God,
So let’s make this scientific.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
The world we polluted,the nature we killed,
Has come back at us,for a scientific rule was to be filled.

You may wonder about the ‘promises ‘ he made,
But he has fulfilled,
All that he had bade,
It is you who hasn’t realised his deed.

God hasn’t promised,
Flower strewn pathways,
But he has promised,
Strength for the day.

He has not promised,
Sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow,
And peace without pain.
He has promised,
Grace for trials,
Unfailing sympathy,
Help from above,
And undying love.

I agree that Corona is dangerous,
But it’s not his fault.
We have committed crimes,horrendous,
And this is his way to put it at a halt.

Who is He you ask!
He is God.
A poor man’s riches,
A sad man’s joy,
A crippled man’s legs,
And blind man’s eyes.

He is God.
A foolish man’s wisdom,
An insane man’s sanity,
And a dead man’s life.

With DNA so complex,
And perfection of design,
An universal intelligence,
Exists that is divine.

You will know of his spirit,
You do have a soul,
You will learn the truth,
And there will be more than death in a hole.

-Sia Savla.

An Artist’s Wish!

Her Fantasy

An artist dies twice – once when he stops creating,and other when he actually does.Truth be told, the first is more painful.

Lines,shapes,and colour,
Are elements of Art.
Texture ,space,and value,
That’s where she starts.

Day and night, she only dreamt,
Of the different things she would do,
And now that she knew her strength,
Her art would never stop,and neither would you.

The galaxy,the planets,and the milky way,
Was always her fascination,
Just thinking about painting it,
Made her sway.

She remembers the day ,
When she met an artist,
The one who made her passion stay.
She remembers his attitude,
And his love for art till this day.

She had told him he was talented,
And his answer had taken her by surprise.
He slowly stopped his artist’s bid,
And looked I to her innocent eyes.
“Thank you for the compliment,
I don’t want to be a jerk,
But you need to understand this statement,
That talent comes from doing work.”
His this one statement,
Had turned her thoughts upside down,
She looked deep within herself,
And found the art,that she now wears like a crown.

She would hear her art speak to her,
Telling her that she’s doing great.
“I am your vision,your passion,
Your impression of beauty.
This canvas is your stage,
As I perform for you.”

When she uses,
What’s she knows,
As an artist,
She will grow.

Everyday she moves her brush,
Everyday her hands trace,
Every oak,every human rush,
Every headstone,every face.

She understood now ,
What he meant,
When he said that people just cry.
She saw folks watching t.v.
As minutes and hours float by,
They would say she was pretty talented,
Admitting that they wouldn’t even try.

As old trees grew ring by ring,
Skill builds slowly year by year.
She would spend her days like magic coins,
And her talent would appear.

She now dreamed in watercolours,
Danced in blurred tones,
With every stroke she’d glide,
Like a little girl on a snow laden slide.

-Sia Savla.

Fairytale -A Myth?

A Reality Check.

Snow White,Cinderella,and Beauty and the Beast,
O those stories,What a feast!
But have you ever thought if it actually makes sense,
To make children read something so dense.

Have you ever read the actual tale?
Because I assure you ,you’d want to wail.
It’s not all rainbows and roses,
But all that it actually opposes.

Fairytale are supposed to be beautiful,
But here’s a reality check.
It doesn’t make imagination wonderful,
Not even by a speck.

If I was in a fairytale,
I don’t know what I’d do,
But one thing is certain,
I’d never wear glass shoes.

When I go to visit my Grandma,
I know that she lives far,
I wouldn’t cut through the woods at all,
Instead I’d drive in a car.

And can someone please tell me how,
All princesses speak the ‘Animal’?
I know it’s for children,
But why make them think it’s possible?

Belle was supposed to be smart,
And not insane.
Then how the hell did she fall in love with her kidnapper,
Even when he had a mane?
I know you’d say it’s a teaching,
But I don’t think so.
Instead it’s so misleading,
Cause Stockholm Syndrome, Hello!

As a mermaid I’d be willing to give up some things,
Especially if the boy was real sweet,
But you’ve got to be kidding me,
My voice, for a pair of feet!

If fairytales teach us things,
Like not to judge a book by the cover,
Then to meet Prince Charming,
Why did Cinderella need a makeover?

In a fairytale, a kiss is the cure,
Oh that’s so sweet you say,
But are you sure?
In Snow White , a dead girl is kissed,
And honestly that makes me pissed.

So maybe I got you to see,
I guess for all its worth,
Fairy tales aren’t ready for me,
And I am better off ,here on Earth.

-Sia Savla.